• Love is Like the Sun
    I’ve got love. Inside me. It will never go away. Never. Sometimes the love gets covered over. And I can’t see it. But like the sun, Love never goes away. Never. It just gets covered by the clouds. And when the clouds clear, I remember. All the love inside.
  • The Needs Song
    Everyone’s needs matter. Your needs and mine. Everyone’s needs matter. Both at the same time. It’s okay to ask for what we need. They may just say yes. It’s okay to ask for what we need. That’s called a request.
  • The How Versus the What of Teaching
    By Gina Simm In my first year of retirement I’m doing a lot of reflecting on my years as a teacher. One of the big decisions a retired teacher has to make is whether or not to substitute teach. This in itself is a driving force for reflection. The reason I came to the answer […]
  • Teachers who change the school
    An example of Nonviolent Communication in the classroom. (3min video)